Do you worry about giving too much of your expertise away for free when you make a marketing video?

It’s a common concern especially for service based businesses . But the founder of Big Kids Little Learners, Janine Neil, found the exact opposite to be true.

When Janine started sharing videos outlining her teaching resources friends advised her to stop. At the very least they said she should charge people to access her expertise.

But Janine was passionate about helping parents and children learn together. It was the whole reason behind her business and she saw video as the way to take this mission to a wider audience.

At the very least she felt it would add value to her existing clients but she had a hunch it would take her business forward in other ways.

Since undertaking my smartphone video training and subscribing to my newsletter Janine has gone on to build an impressive library of video resources on YouTube and shares regular content with her growing community of followers.

Here she talks about the many benefits of sharing her expertise including widening her audience, making her brand more recognisable, and opening up another income stream on Etsy.

Client Stories Episode 2: Building a Brand with Video
Janine Neil, founder of Big Kids Little Learners, talks about how using video to share her expertise for free has helped grow the reach of her business.

Let us help you to build awareness of your brand using video

For Janine it was a ‘no brainer’ to share her expertise through video. And it’s paid off. The videos have ‘brought more and more people into wanting to come to the classes’ and it has let her build a ‘resource library’ on YouTube which is an asset that adds value for her existing customers.

But how will you decide what expertise to give away for free and what to keep to yourself? How do you know what video topics will work to bring a new audience and what videos will be a waste of your time?

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