The lesson from this week’s Client Stories episode is that video storytelling is the most powerful formula for audience engagement.

This is true whether your audience are business clients, restaurant customers, or 4 year old kids!

Storytelling is popular because it engages us emotionally. We like to think we’re logical creatures but we actually make most buying decisions based on emotion. That’s why stories work in sales, marketing, and in the classroom.

I’ve written lots about the power of storytelling in video.

Read about using the storytelling structure to create a powerful brand video for your website homepage; find out why client stories are a more powerful format than client testimonials; and learn how internal communication can tell the stories within their organisation to increase employee engagement.

Free resources to help you tell your business story

If you want to tell the story of your business, staff, or clients you can follow my planning sheet that I use in my smartphone video training. The worksheet will help you find the stories in your business and guide you in how to structure these stories for a videos or blogs.

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Client Stories Episode 4: Understanding What Audiences Want

Big Kids Little Learners founder, Janine Neil, immediately realised that stories were the most popular videos she shared.

Kids aren’t daft. They know what they like and they won’t hold back when giving an honest opinion. While parents were requesting craft videos the kids voted with their feet and clamoured for more storytelling videos.

It was a good bit of completely free market research for the business.

As a teacher with over 15 years classroom experience she knew storytelling was the most effective learning tool she used in the classroom. She would always advise parents to make up a story to explain difficult concepts to children.

What has been a revelation is that telling these same stories on video is having the same huge impact on learning and engagement.

Janine Neil, Founder of Big Kids Little Learners, shares what kinds of videos are really connecting with her target audience (storytelling) and how she’s learning new editing skills every day to make her videos more punchy.

Janine also talks about learning new editing tricks on her smartphone that have helped her made shorter, punchier ‘how-to’ videos. These are starting to gain traction on social media and YouTube.

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