It’s exciting to see businesses opening their shutters and welcoming customers onto their premises for the first time in months.

But business isn’t back to normal, not by a long shot. In fact, with the relaxing of restrictions and new rules announced daily it’s a confusing and stressful time for us all.

Clear, regular, and unambiguous communication with your customers is more important than ever.

What can you do?

Make it your goal to be the regular, reassuring and trustworthy voice on social media. Take the time to share the new safety measures in place in your shop, explain your new blended approach to your services, or simplify the government guidelines that apply to your specific industry.

You can do this through written posts, regular blogs, images, or video.

Read on to find out how two of our clients are using video as a key part of their communications strategy as they move forward from lockdown rules.

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Video lets you ‘show and tell’ customers what to expect

Alexander’s Family Butchers love using video to communicate in a crisis because it makes it so easy for them to quickly show customers what to expect when they come to the shop.

In fact, they credit video with their huge upturn in business over the lockdown period. Just 2 weeks before lockdown they had moved to new premises. The mix of helpful information and comedy banter in their ‘How to Find Us!’ video gave them huge reach with over 7K views on Facebook alone.

Without the reach of this video they believe the business could have been ‘dead in the water’ before lockdown even started.

So they are convinced that video will play ‘a huge part’ in their future as they open their shop again. For Jim Alexander video is a shortcut to excellent digital communication since he can look his customers in the eye and show he takes their safety seriously.

Watch from 3:21 in the video below to hear their video success story.

Using video for a ‘blended’ customer experience

For Big Kids Little Learners founder, Janine Neil, video is poised to play a vital role in adding value for her customers after lockdown eases.

Government guidelines will potentially restrict numbers in her face-to-face classes. So, she plans to use her growing video library to support children and their parents in their home learning. She also hopes to make videos targeted at parents on their own. The aim is to support parents through potential school closures giving them the confidence to help their children learn.

By adding this support and value with free video content, Big Kids will strengthen its ties with its customer base and build brand loyalty even if lockdown rules mean they can’t always offer a face-to-face service.

Watch from 3:54 in the video to hear more about BKLL video plans.

How effectively do you communicate in a crisis?

The only thing that is guaranteed in the future with Covid-19 is continuing uncertainty. Be sure you have a communications strategy in place that lets you get your message out quickly, builds trust from a distance and adds value to your customers at times when you can’t meet them face to face.

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