We know that some of our clients work in public sector communications roles. Some of you work in government organisations. Others try to keep big businesses on track with what they say and do. And we know how professional and well intentioned you all are.

Why is it then that sometimes, when you do the right thing, you still end up getting criticised or ridiculed?

One example came last week when Chancellor Jeremy Hunt featured in a video from his department where he explained, in easy-to-understand terms, how inflation works and why it’s increasing.

Views for the video are very healthy with more than 4.5 million views on the HM Treasury Twitter account. You can watch it now.

But much of the discussion has been negative. Hunt was labelled ‘Mr Bean’ and mainstream and social media relentlessly mocked him and his video. He was trending…for all the wrong reasons.

What’s so bad about trying to explain something to people? And surely doing more video is exactly what communications teams should be pushing?

Here’s Comsteria’s media relations trainer Colin Kelly with some thoughts.

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