man standing at a gate of a packaging company on an industrial estate attempting to film with a smartphone

Could your business cope with a YouTube audit?

It’s the strangest thing. Tens of thousands of people watching a guy on YouTube filming through the gates of a packaging company on an industrial estate in Hull. And it’s not just one guy. There’s a squad of them. They call themselves ‘YouTube Auditors’, they’re scattered across the country armed with nothing more than mobile phones, brass necks and endless curiosity, and they could be heading for your business next. Here’s Comsteria’s media trainer Colin Read more…

Michelle Mone interview with Laura Kuenssberg

What Michelle Mone should have done

Right at the start of her and her husband’s interview with Laura Kuenssberg, Michelle Mone explained the thought she had, in those early days of the COVID pandemic, which ultimately led to the mess she’s in right now. ‘I just thought, we could really, really help here’, she told the BBC. They do talk about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. And it was interesting to hear Michelle and husband Doug Barrowman Read more…

Instagram and Restream logos

Live streaming on Instagram just got easier

If you watched any of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Discos during the pandemic lockdown, you’ll have noticed her husband Richard using two cameras to film the performances. One sent the video to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and there was another sending the feed to Instagram. That’s because, at the time, Instagram’s API didn’t allow third party tools to stream live video through it. Well, now that’s changed and Restream, our favourite multi destination live streaming software, Read more…

Froebel Trust Podcast logo

Froebel Trust Podcast – Series 3 now live

Comsteria is delighted to be working once again with the Froebel Trust on their podcast series. We’re now working on Episodes 7, 8 and 9, the first of which is live already, dealing with topics including ‘Where are the men in early years education’ and ‘Relationships and wellbeing in early years settings’. Since its launch earlier this year, the podcast has received more than 7,000 verified unique downloads and has developed a loyal following within Read more…

Picture of a Dacia Duster car beside a bicycle in an area of woods.

Scouts and Dacia – an ideal partnership

We really like this partnership between car giant Dacia and the Scout Association which aims to encourage young people to try new activities outdoors. It’s absolutely core to what the Scout movement is about and cleverly builds on Dacia’s reputation as a vehicle you would associate with exploring and adventure. Dacia is sponsoring a new ‘Adventure Challenge Award’ badge, which requires Scouts to complete 4 outdoor adventure related activities, 2 of which must be new Read more…

Image of Dominic Cummings giving evidence at the UK COVID Inquiry.

Media trainer reacts to Dominic Cummings at the UK Covid Inquiry – presentation skills critique

We’re watching the live stream of the UK COVID Inquiry. If you’re interested in the good, the bad and the ugly of #powerfulcommunication it’s worth a watch. You’ll see the full range on display. Comsteria’s director and media relations and presentation skills trainer Colin Kelly put together this quick critique of Mr Cumming’s performance and what you can learn from it.

Image of an HMC compilation album.

Thoughts on the HMV Glasgow revamp

The HMV on Argyle Street in Glasgow has re-opened after a 6 week refit. As a lifelong passionate music lover I’ve been a regular visitor for as long as I can remember. Anytime I’m in the city centre, I’ll wander in and browse around, especially since it’s one of the few remaining high street stores where you can buy physical music. HMV itself has been through a few ownership changes in the last 15 years Read more…

BBC Question Time audience questions. Title image for blog post.

BBC Question Time and how to identify people when you don’t know their name

It always stuck me as a recipe for disaster that BBC Question Time often relies on the presenter referring to audience members by their perceived gender + an item of clothing/hairstyle so that the sound crew can ensure the question they’re about to ask is picked up by a microphone and that the camera can spin round and zoom in on them. With all the lights and energy of an important current affairs TV show, Read more…

Opening hours for retail businesses, Graphic depicting a shop.

Late night retail – Daunt Books, Belsize Park

What does it take to succeed in retail these days? That’s a complex issue but you’ll often hear discussion around opening hours and whether staying open later in the evening could be part of the answer. When I visit London to deliver media training courses, I often stay in the Haverstock Hill area of Belsize Park. It’s a great place to stay and if I get the chance I always enjoy a wander around and Read more…